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S & W Episode 370

Dee and guest host Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads discuss pig castration, learn what it takes to be a gigolo from Nick Hawk, star of the Showtime’s reality series Gigolos, and answer some “Is That Gay?” phone calls.

S & W Episode 364

Since Lance is hastily making plans to purchase a new firearm, Dee suspects that he may be a Newtown Truther. Mount Pleasant man fails to be a decent criminal. You are your own worst attorney. Phone calls and a curious gift from the Land Down Under.

S&W Holiday Show Spectacular Part 2

Happy New Year!!!  Check out Part 2 of Sick and Wrong’s Annual Holiday Show Spectacular.

SW Episode 355

SW Episode 355: Dee and Lance Wackerle wonder how many people got laid on election night. Nursing home hijinks. Phone calls and Dee makes a point that bears can run 35 mph.


SW Episode 354

SW Episode 354: Hurricane Sandy destroyed The Jersey Shore and causes Dee and Lance to wonder if there is a God. Heavy Metal Maniac kills a Pastor. Magic the Gathering leads to murder. Phone calls.


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