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S & W Episode 358

SW Episode 358: Dee and Lance discuss their favorite Amish reality television programs. Belgain husband wants to annul marriage to tranny wife. Latin woman expresses her discontent with her man’s sexual performance. Phone calls and listener email.

I hope Danny Devito plays Santa in this fine film…

S & W Episode 357

SW Episode 357: Lance grows a holiday mustache and is less than pleased when Dee tells him about the ban on public nudity in San Francisco. Swedish woman jumps her bones with bones. Man cooks himself up some crazy wife stew. Phone calls and listener email.

S & W Episode 356

SW Episode 356: Dee and Lance contemplate this year’s Thanksgiving tragedy: the death of Twinkies. Romney supporter runs over her husband for not voting. Quadriplegic Rapist released from prison. Phone calls. Happy Thanksgiving!

SW Episode 355

SW Episode 355: Dee and Lance Wackerle wonder how many people got laid on election night. Nursing home hijinks. Phone calls and Dee makes a point that bears can run 35 mph.


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