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S & W Episode 374

Dee and Lance chat with Dee’s brother, Jeffrey, about hooking up at the gym, trucker themed sex parties, and whether it’s gay or not to shove a battery in your friend’s ass. European Porn Star Maisie Dee talks Game Of Thrones and popular British pastime dogging.

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S & W Episode 373

Dee and Lance weigh in on donglegate. Faking a rape is not a good way to impress a woman. Arizona father teaches his sons a memorable lesson. SW Thought Experiments. Subscribe to Sick and Wrong on itunes.

Obscenesters – 3/11/13

Monday 3/11/13 episode of The Obscenesters with Lenora Claire and Dee Simon. We discussed OK Cupid disaster dates, played a new gameshow Boogie in the Butt and interviewed the host and creator of, Richard Metzger.

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S & W Episode 371

Lance Wackerle is not a fan of birthday parties or communist dictators. Necrophile three way in Joliet. Fried hamster in York. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 367

Dee and Lance argue whether the fugitive cop killer is more like Maniac Cop or Rambo First Blood. Famous actor is a shitty drunk. Never mock a US postal worker. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 365

SW Episode 365: Happy 365! Now you can listen to SW every single day of the year. Dee chats with Semen Chef and Mixologist Fotie about his semen cookbook A Natural Harvest.

S & W Episode 363

S&W Episode 363: Dee and Lance are intrigued by women who only want to fingerbang. Special Guest Big Jer discusses the Xmas Tree Prank. Insane Missouri man throws severed arm boomerang. Saffa women drink KahKah to make FAS babies. Phone Calls.

Best Mug Shots of 2012

And the Nick Nolte Ribbon goes to…


S&W Holiday Show Spectacular Part 1

Throw on a snuggie, grab a cup of egg nog, roast some chestnuts, and listen to SW’s Holiday Show Spectacular with the whole family. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

PSD Now Available in Print & Digital on

Play Something Dancy now available in digital and print on the same Amazon page! Order a copy for your Rabbi. It’s fucking Chanukah.


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