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The Obscenesters – 3/25/13

Lenora Claire and Dee Simon chat with Chad Kultgen, writer of the new movie “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” and the novel “The Average American Male” and professional magician Fred Falk. Watch us live every Monday 7-8PM

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The Obscenesters – 3/18/13

Monday 3/18/13 episode of The Obscenesters with extra special guests Angus Oblong from The Oblongs and Mike B Anderson, director of The Simpsons. Watch Lenora and Dee live every Monday night 7-8PM PST on

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Obscenesters – 3/11/13

Monday 3/11/13 episode of The Obscenesters with Lenora Claire and Dee Simon. We discussed OK Cupid disaster dates, played a new gameshow Boogie in the Butt and interviewed the host and creator of, Richard Metzger.

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S & W Episode 372

Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle is not drinking green beer this St Patrick’s Day. Couple tries the ol’ razor-in-donut scheme. Mom tries the ol’ shove-a-condom-in-her-child’s-mouth scheme. Phone calls. Check out Dee’s new show The Obscenesters.

The Obscenesters

Check out my brand new show The Obscenesters on that I’m co-hosting with the fabulous Lenora Claire. You can listen to us live every Monday night 7-8 PM PST on

Here’s our debut episode featuring guest Scott Michaels from

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