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The Obscenesters – 7/15/13

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Review of PSD on

Check out this great review of Play Something Dancy on

This video has made me realize I have no dance moves…

S & W Episode 390

At this point, Robocop is the only thing that might be able to save Detroit. English tourist has a bad case of ear maggots. Barry White is the worst customer ever. Phone calls and email.

The Obscenesters – 7/8/13

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The Melvins cover the Butthole Surfers

The Melvins cover Butthole Surfers

S & W Episode 389

Dee and Lance feel the prodigal millennials take pornography for granted. Brazilian mob gets medieval on a football referee. Michigan psychopath casually plans the death of her husband. Phone calls.

The Obscenesters – 7/1/13

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S & W Episode 388

Special extra long ‘Murica Day episode featuring guest host John Steele and interview with serial killer groupie Samantha Spiegel. Happy Birthday ‘Murica!

The Obscenesters 6/24/13

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