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S & W Episode 379

Sick and Wrong Podcast #379: Out of concern for Lance’s weight, Dee persuades him to try his new Hitler Diet. English mother inseminates teenage daughter. Florida ham-related domestic assault. Scat trifecta of phone calls. RIP Jeff Hanneman.

S & W Episode 378

Sick and Wrong Episode #378: Dee and Lance try to convince people not to give their money to Zach Braff. Bestiality menage a trois in Michigan. Plan (B)onfire in Chile. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 377

Dee and Lance worry that the Boston Marathon bombing will bring about an Orwellian society with ubiquitous “eyes in the sky.” Never a good idea to be disrespectful to the homeless. Old fashioned Midwestern lawn job.

S & W Episode 376

Sick & Wrong Podcast Episode #376: North Korea breaks bad. Southwestern baby vibrator. Southeastern vehicular masturbation. My Two Cents with Dee and Lance.

S & W Episode 375

Dee gets a guided tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now he thinks he has nerd cred. Worst April Fool’s joke ever. Never a good idea to own a wolf-dog hybrid. Phone calls.

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S & W Episode 374

Dee and Lance chat with Dee’s brother, Jeffrey, about hooking up at the gym, trucker themed sex parties, and whether it’s gay or not to shove a battery in your friend’s ass. European Porn Star Maisie Dee talks Game Of Thrones and popular British pastime dogging.

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S & W Episode 373

Dee and Lance weigh in on donglegate. Faking a rape is not a good way to impress a woman. Arizona father teaches his sons a memorable lesson. SW Thought Experiments. Subscribe to Sick and Wrong on itunes.

S & W Episode 372

Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle is not drinking green beer this St Patrick’s Day. Couple tries the ol’ razor-in-donut scheme. Mom tries the ol’ shove-a-condom-in-her-child’s-mouth scheme. Phone calls. Check out Dee’s new show The Obscenesters.

S & W Episode 371

Lance Wackerle is not a fan of birthday parties or communist dictators. Necrophile three way in Joliet. Fried hamster in York. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 370

Dee and guest host Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads discuss pig castration, learn what it takes to be a gigolo from Nick Hawk, star of the Showtime’s reality series Gigolos, and answer some “Is That Gay?” phone calls.


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