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S & W Episode 389

Dee and Lance feel the prodigal millennials take pornography for granted. Brazilian mob gets medieval on a football referee. Michigan psychopath casually plans the death of her husband. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 388

Special extra long ‘Murica Day episode featuring guest host John Steele and interview with serial killer groupie Samantha Spiegel. Happy Birthday ‘Murica!

S & W Episode 387

SW Ep 387: Delirious from the heat, Dee and Lance fantasize about Senator Wendy Davis and her catheter. Couch raping deviant in Wisconsin. Worst parking job ever in China. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 386

Dee and Lance wish they could knock back a few Pina Coladas with Whitey Bulger. Horror on Hollywood Boulevard. UK prossies need a return policy. A very disturbing phone call to the SW Hotline.

S & W Episode 385

Wackerle needs to warn his doppelganger that alcoholism and podcasting is in his future. The drawbacks of an eight month long erection. Insane Bart station circus acrobat. Caller predicts the end of the show.

S & W Episode 384

Dee and Lance are disappointed that serial killers get more ass than podcasters. Indigenous justice in Bolivia. Boyfriend not pleased by to-do list. Phone calls and listener email.

S & W Episode 383

Sick and Wrong Podcast #383:Dee Simon is the “Al Bundy” of spelling bees. Impotent Florida Man stands his ground. The Tell Tale Chinese Drain Baby. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 382

Sick and Wrong Episode #382: Dee and Lance will never drink at a TGIFridays ever again. British soldier beheaded by outspoken terrorist. Paranormal activity in Tasmania. Phone calls.

S & W Episode 381

Sick and Wrong Podcast #381: Dee and Lance chat with Hunter Moore about his notorious site and the appeal of revenge porn. My Two Cents.

S & W Episode 380

Sick and Wrong Podcast #380: Dee and Lance refuse to take their hats off to the Gregory Brothers and their racist ditties. Ariel Castro and his sex dungeon in the ghetto. Fat Longpig and his sex dungeon in the suburbs. Phone calls.


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