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The Obscenesters – October 21, 2013

Watch Lenora and Dee interview the legendary Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and talk about everything from Vincent Price teaching her how to cook fish in the dishwasher, nipple tassel twirling, and old friend Pee Wee Herman.

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Merry Xmas

Attended a wonderful Xmas party at Angus Oblong’s ( pad with Angus and his boyfriend, Lenora Claire, a pig named Pugsley, and a room full of prosthetic limbs.




Saruman Sings The Little Drummer Boy

S&W Holiday Show Spectacular Part 1

Throw on a snuggie, grab a cup of egg nog, roast some chestnuts, and listen to SW’s Holiday Show Spectacular with the whole family. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Creepiest Christmas Song

For Christmas, I’m sending my friends and family a home video of me singing this song in the nude while holding my cat over my genitals. I’m joking. I don’t have a cat.

Danzig’s Twas the Night Before Christmas

If I had children, I’d force them to listen to this in it’s entirety before they went to bed every Christmas Eve or no presents.

Krampus the Christmas Demon


S & W Episode 360

SW Episode 360: Dee and Lance feel that because Dee’s brother Jeffrey has narcolepsy, he’d be an ineffective spree killer. The origin of a Heavy Metal Legend. Florida housewife learns the consequences of not properly cooking a frozen pizza. Phone calls. SW Holiday Show Spectacular is next week!

I hope Danny Devito plays Santa in this fine film…

S & W Episode 357

SW Episode 357: Lance grows a holiday mustache and is less than pleased when Dee tells him about the ban on public nudity in San Francisco. Swedish woman jumps her bones with bones. Man cooks himself up some crazy wife stew. Phone calls and listener email.


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