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Kill Baby Kill

Hey, check out my new horror themed vidcast Kill baby Kill every Monday night at 7PM PST on

Here’s a link to a recent episode featuring special guest Megan O’Keefe from

Video streaming by Ustream

Play Something Dancy – A Limey Review

Thanks Matt for the review and I hope I inspired you to do lots of cocaine and have sex with women who possess questionable morals.

PSD reviewed on This Week in Dude Blog

S & W Episode 365

SW Episode 365: Happy 365! Now you can listen to SW every single day of the year. Dee chats with Semen Chef and Mixologist Fotie about his semen cookbook A Natural Harvest.

This is what I sound like when I try to sing Mother….

S & W Episode 364

Since Lance is hastily making plans to purchase a new firearm, Dee suspects that he may be a Newtown Truther. Mount Pleasant man fails to be a decent criminal. You are your own worst attorney. Phone calls and a curious gift from the Land Down Under.

Oral Copulation Defense

I only use this defense when I’m arguing a traffic ticket.

S & W Episode 363

S&W Episode 363: Dee and Lance are intrigued by women who only want to fingerbang. Special Guest Big Jer discusses the Xmas Tree Prank. Insane Missouri man throws severed arm boomerang. Saffa women drink KahKah to make FAS babies. Phone Calls.

Interview with Eric Spitznagel for MTV Hive



I never thought about doing this…



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