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S & W Episode 360

SW Episode 360: Dee and Lance feel that because Dee’s brother Jeffrey has narcolepsy, he’d be an ineffective spree killer. The origin of a Heavy Metal Legend. Florida housewife learns the consequences of not properly cooking a frozen pizza. Phone calls. SW Holiday Show Spectacular is next week!

PSD Now Available in Print & Digital on

Play Something Dancy now available in digital and print on the same Amazon page! Order a copy for your Rabbi. It’s fucking Chanukah.

S & W Episode 359

S&W Episode 359: Dee’s looking forward to drunken hijinks at his company holiday party but Lance is dreading having to attend his. Interview with celebrity female bodybuilder Lauren Powers. Dee and special guest Lenora Claire answer Is That Gay phone calls.

I will never be this good at playing with my balls and I’m okay with that…

Finally, a job I’m qualified for…

Did you ever wonder what Hell sounds like?

S & W Episode 358

SW Episode 358: Dee and Lance discuss their favorite Amish reality television programs. Belgain husband wants to annul marriage to tranny wife. Latin woman expresses her discontent with her man’s sexual performance. Phone calls and listener email.

I hope Danny Devito plays Santa in this fine film…


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