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Axl Rose Disaster

To all the people who lost their virginity to this song, that’s revoked now. You’re virgins again.

The Sword’s new album Apocryphon

Must get this. Now.

How to Pick up a Girl at The Gym

Before I watched this video, I didn’t think it was possible to pick up a girl at the gym.

Will Ferrell pitching Old Milwaukee to the Swedes

This is perplexing on so many levels: Why would Swedish people drink Old Milwaukee? Why is Will Ferrell speaking Swedish? Why is Will Ferrell riding in a speedboat laughing maniacally?

And I thought I was a big Tapir fan…

This zookeeper definitely is a bigger tapir fan than me.

Montage Theme Song

I hope this isn’t too personal but this is my montage theme song. One day you’ll find yours.

This song has been in my head all day…

Make it stop. Please.

40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Happy Halloweenis!

Fuck. I hate seeing my future…

Marc Bolan had a musical variety show???

This link is from one of my favourite blogs:

I had no idea Marc Bolan had a son named Rolan Bolan nor did I know about his musical variety show. I wish we still had musical variety shows. The problem is today the new music that would be featured would undoubtedly suck.



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